Very often we see people do social experiments and share their video on YouTube. Some of these social experiments shows us a bitter truth of life while some gives us valuable lessons. Everyday we keep on complaining about the things we don’t have. But there are people who have nothing at all and yet after seeing their spirit gives us true life lessons.   This […]

5 Social Experiments That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

  From welfare checks to a $100-million payday, Conor Mcgregor has worked real hard and has seen lot of setbacks in his life. One thing which has never changed in his life is his belief in The Law Of Attraction. The heights he’s reached inside the UFC octagon are rooted in a sober, analytic and sometimes even dark private place.   This is what Conor has said recently […]

Law Of Attraction Worked – Conor McGregor’s Road to Stardom

funny magic tricks
You know, animals also love magic as much as we humans do. I have compiled some clips from YouTube where you’ll see how animals totally fall in love with the magic tricks. Below are some funny magic tricks done to trick the animals and there reactions is just amazing and well…all of them give made us Aww. Here we go…   A man at the […]

Watch How Animals React To Magic Tricks – Funny Magic Tricks

There are times when we are going through a lot of negative situations. People are trying to bring you down, they say something negative about us or even show us rejection.   In such difficult situations, its really very hard to stay positive and we are inclined to react negatively to them. But that won’t do us any good and with time it will make […]

16 Smart Tips To Stay Positive In Negative Situations

lucid dream sex
If you’ve ever dreamed of having sex with Emma Watson or Angelina Jolie or Tom Cruise then only way you can have sex with them is in your dreams. I’ve heard many people want to have lucid dreams only to have sex and there’s nothing wrong in it. I think lucid dream sex is the best possible way to fulfill all your desires. That’s what […]

How To Have Lucid Dream Sex To Fulfill All Your Wildest Desires

Doubting yourself is one of the biggest obstacles of your life that can stop you from achieving what you want. Even if you are trying very hard, but a small doubt on yourself can send conflicting intentions and thus can undo the work you put in. Have you ever thought what makes all the billionaires or the celebrities different from other people? Ummmmm….. Nothing actually. […]

How Famous People Uses The Law Of Attraction To Get Success

horror movie facts
We all love scary movies. But these scary movies are much more creepy and scary off-screen then on-screen. There are many hidden facts and some great stories which are unheard and are really amazing horror movie facts which all the horror movie fans should know. Here are 10 amazing horror movie facts. Enjoy reading   1.Dead Chickens and Walnuts were used to create the gory […]

10 Amazing Horror Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

lucid dreaming device
You want to wake up in your dreams and want to control your dreams. But having trouble to initiate lucid dreaming. Well than what? Here, the best lucid dreaming devices are revealed here. I’ll tell you the best devices and supplements that can help you in your sleep and lucid dreaming. Let’s get started –   4.Philips Wake-Up Light with Colored Sunrise Simulation alarm clock […]

4 Lucid Dreaming Devices To Help You Control Your Dreams

the law of attraction books
When we talk about The Law of Attraction and reading The Law of Attraction books, one name which hits in our mind is the Classic “The Secret – By Rhonda Byrne”. If you believe in the Law of Attraction and if you haven’t read this book I recommend you read The Secret right away. For those who have enjoyed reading The Secret, here I present […]

8 Law of Attraction Books That May Change Your Life Completely

If you’re looking to increase your skills and knowledge and want to know more about Lucid Dreaming, then books are one of the best ways to learn it. Here I’ll be showing you 5 of the best books which you must have and you should read in order to explore and learn more about Lucid dreaming. I’ve learned a lot through some of these books […]

5 Best Lucid Dreaming Books To Master Lucid Dreaming In 2017

The law of attraction
Whether you believe or not in the power of the universe, scientific research proves the effects of positive thinking. Read these 14 most valuable Law of Attraction lessons that could change your life for good. And don’t forget, The Universe is always working for us. So make sure it works in favor and not against us.   Here We Go….   14. Your thoughts attract […]

14 Life Changing Lessons To Learn From The Law Of Attraction