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You all might have heard of sadistic dark occult world and black magic. Weird mantras, chanting of spells, trying to invoke the spirits etc. which coexists with nature. Here in this article I present you 5 very creepy and death defying Indian rituals. Even in this modern era people in some small parts of country here, people performs various kinds of Indian occult practices and […]

5 Bizarre Occult Rituals in India Taking Lives of People

real horror stories
Are you looking for some real horror stories and creepy tales. Well there are thousands of people who have shared their terrifying paranormal encounters in real life. Many people everyday share their true horrific experiences on many popular subreddits and everywhere on internet. There are some real horror stories of terrifying and ridiculously horrific ghostly night visitors, weird creatures, phantom hands etc all everywhere. Here are 7 of the creepiest […]

7 Paranormal and Real Horror Stories That Will Surely Give You Chills