3 simple telepathy tricks revealed

Easy Telepathy tricks

In your everyday life, you might have tried to impress your friends, your family or your girlfriends by making them laugh or showing them different kinds of telepathy tricks and illusions. Well, today I’ll show some of the most simplest telepathy hacks. Just learn these great tricks and you’ll be able to do telepathy in real.

I’ve compiled the following tricks from all over the internet and although these aren’t actually real but these illusions and telepathy tricks surely gonna amaze all of your audiences.

Check them out below.

Telepathy Made Easy

Realizing telepathy is a good step into knowing there is a mass-consciousness level of mind which equates with a god level consciousness.

This telepathy method is specially for beginners and is dead easy. Just watch and learn and you’ll be able to perform it too and that’s too very easily.

Easy Card Telepathy tricks

Well, this telepathy trick actually require no skills at all from you. Learn this simple and easy to perform yet strong enough to make your audience leave in a shock telepathy trick.

Be a Mind Reader

So at last but not the least an awesome telepathy trick that will make your spectators think you can read minds. He’ll show you an easy way to trick people’s mind and will make you look like a mind reader.

This is an amazing way to impress your audiences and will surely have a great impact on the viewers. Just take a look.


So, these were some of the most easy and also most effective telepathy tricks which you can try in real life. Now go and try these tricks on your friends and stun them by your amazing telepathic abilities.


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