Lucid dreaming- 5 benefits of out-of-body experience


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It’s amazing and highly encouraging to peer how far attitudes to the close to-loss of life enjoy and the out-of-body experience (OBE) have developed in latest years.

Today, over 20 organizations are dedicated to furthering understanding of conscientiology and projectiology, some of them highly specialized in their area of interest. Science also supports many benefits of this experience and believes that all of these phenomenas have a significant positive impact on your development. So if you are interested to have one hell of an experience, here are 8 compelling reasons to have lucid dreams or OBEs

Learning past lives


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While we leave the body, we happen in a greater diffused, astral body. This astral body stays with us all through all of our lives, past, present and future. So when we are outside the body we’re more easily able to access memories of our past lives as they’re stored in the (non-physical)brain of our astral body.

Every so often when we remember beyond lives, we see mistakes that we made. As an instance, perhaps we have been estranged from a member of the family and they died suddenly, leaving us not able to heal that relationship and living out that life with deep remorse.

Remembering this could inspire us to remedy warfare and misunderstandings with others, and to avoid estranging ourselves from friends and circle of relatives in this life.

Develop Your Psychic Abilities


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As a natural consequence of experiencing lucid OBEs. We end up being extra aware and better able to flow and manipulate our bioenergy. Bioenergy is the time period utilized in conscientiology. This is used to describe the active field that encompasses and emanates from each residing being.

Getting to know our energies is in flip, is critical to being able to manage a whole range of psychic phenomena inclusive of clairvoyance, telepathy, instinct, synchronicity, recalling beyond lives and communicating with non-physical people.

Use Your Energies to Help Yourself and Others

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Other than developing your psychic skills, there are many different advantages of studying your bioenergies:

  • Self-restoration – If you know a way to soak up power, exteriorize or ship your electricity out, and pass it up and down your frame to gain what’s called a vibrational nation. You will be capable of clean lively blockages to your chakras. A number of which can be causing illness or ailment. Shifting energies can also be used in a prophylactic way, stopping illnesses earlier than they arise.
  • Healing people – Through the exteriorization of your (fine!) energies you could also heal others, both bodily and non-physical.
  • Cleansing – You can in addition (infuse your energies along with your fantastic mind, sentiments and intentions) to energetically cleanse a room. The room which might be loaded with the poor energies of preceding occupants.

Lose Your fear of death


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Fear of demise, thanatophobia, is one among mankind’s best fears. However at some point of a lucid OBE in that you are 100% positive that you are projected outdoor your body. And also not experiencing a dream or some different altered state of awareness. You will be capable of see your body lying immobile in the physical dimension.

Such experiences (they are very impactful) will show to you, in a way that you’ll by no means again be able to deny to yourself that you aren’t your physical body. You are something greater than that.

This could permit you to take into account that the physical body is truly not anything more than a kind of temporary ‘house’. It is used by our consciousness to take place within the physical dimension. Thus, allowing you to surely lose your fear of loss of life.



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Experiencing lucid OBEs, seeing first-hand the non-physical dimensions, interacting with non-bodily people on a daily basis, and mastering our energies for the advantage of ourselves and others. This offers us with profound possibilities to increase our focus, confidence, balance and adulthood, to fulfil our capability… to dynamize our evolution.

How to Have a Lucid Out-of-Body Experience

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In case you are not able to experience lucid OBEs, perhaps with the aid of now you’ll be involved to learn the way. Anybody can examine. For a few humans getting to know a way to assignment will come evidently and may be clean. Whilst for others it could require the same level of determination and consistency as learning to drive a car or learning a foreign language for instance. But if you have the choice and the will, you could do it.

Find a couple of good books on the problem that describe a few projective techniques in element. Select the techniques that resonate with you (e.g. If you have correct lung ability, a breathing method would be good for you. If you have an excellent creativeness try a visualization method like sketching or painting it).

Read this article to know the best ways to start lucid dreaming.

Practice that method for at the least 60 minutes (to present it a risk to work) each day for a month. Regular practice will deliver your astral body a right chance to modify to what’s being required of it. If that method doesn’t work, strive another one. You must practice different methods and techniques and if you are consistent then you will find 2 – 3 methods that produces the outcomes for you.

In general, do a good research and learn everything about OBE phenomenon. Study, observe, take guides, discover ways to master your energy, research, test, meet like-minded human beings.

Just immerse yourself as this is not your only body. You’re consciousness is in the process of evolving over a series of successive lives. Try this and see how your priorities, relationships, capacities and karma can exchange for the higher. Thus, developing an enduring sense of motive and success.

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