5 Bizarre Occult Rituals in India Taking Lives of People

You all might have heard of sadistic dark occult world and black magic. Weird mantras, chanting of spells, trying to invoke the spirits etc. which coexists with nature. Here in this article I present you 5 very creepy and death defying Indian rituals. Even in this modern era people in some small parts of country here, people performs various kinds of Indian occult practices and rituals.


No doubt it’s stupid how people just in the name of magical presence destroys life of innocents. And also leave a great impact on others. People involved in these evil activities do these occult rituals illegally which are completely banned in India. But some psychopaths still follow these occult rituals and black magic for their personal benefits or fulfilling their vengeance or anger against others.

In India, mostly human sacrifices or killing of any living being is done in situations of extreme hard spells which requires the spirits of the invoked forces to be made really happy to get the job done. Also, some made clay dolls made by these Tantriks and in most of the cases they use some kind of object which has a direct connection with the person on whom the spell is being casted. The object is then wrapped upon the clay doll and then various kinds of spells are chanted. It is so stupid that these kind of occult rituals are performed and eventually people are killed in it.

Here are 5 such cases of bizarre and extremely vicious occult rituals where people performs evil practices.

Get Ready..Here we go

Man Brutally Killing 4 of his Family Members


A Man named Cadell Jeanson Raja Killing 4 of his Family Members in Bizarre Occult Ritual

This happened on 8 April 2017. A 30-year-old man was suspected of killing his 4 family members in a very bizarre occult ritual. This incident took place in Indian state Kerala. The suspect confessed that he killed his sister, parents and a relative in a part to perform an ‘Astral Projection’ experiment. He said he was hoping to attain supernatural powers after that.

Cadell was then taken to the custody by the local police shortly after the four were found dead in their house on 8 April. The whole incident came to light after the neighbors complained about smoke coming out from the house on 9th April. The victims were of the age 60, 50, 26 and his relative being 70. They all had been killed by a machete.

The bodies were found completely charred and chopped and was packed in a plastic sheet.

When asked about it he said he was conducting “an experiment to detach human souls from their bodies”.

It was found that Raja was suffering from bipolar disorder and wasn’t guilty at all for the crime he committed. He said now he has “freed” all his relatives.

Surprising Occult Rituals on Hospital Premises


In a small district of India naming Bhilwara, an attendant of a patient who died 10 years ago took everyone by surprise there. Here’s what really happened:

On one morning of April 2017, a group of villagers gathered outside hospital and began their occult rituals. They also bring some cow dung and other weird stuff with them for this ritual. The hospital officials said that one of their family member had died 10 years ago. But they believed that the soul of the patient is still wandering out there in the hospital.

One of the officer of the staff said that “It is their belief. But, if such a thing happens in the hospital, it is not good for other patients. They did it outside the hospital premises”.

The group of villagers lighted some incense sticks and started doing the ritual. Here they believed that when they return home along with their incense sticks, still burning, they also bring along with it the soul of the patient who died in the hospital.

Weird right? The next one is weirder…


Tantrik performing rituals in ICU


Well, a similar incident occurred in an Indian state called Kota. Surprisingly, this incident also took place in a hospital. Here a rooster was sacrificed. The occult practitioner sacrificed a rooster, squashed lemons and performed black magic and occult rituals in a government hospital.

All this thing was done to bring a dead man back. Following the incident, which was happened in the presence of medical staff, the hospital has appointed a committee to find out why it could not be averted.

The incident took place in an ICU where a occult practitioner (also called tantrik) performed various kind of rituals for almost 4 hours and not a single person from medical staff tried to resist it.

A 22-year-old man had been put on a ventilator for treatment, who eventually died. However, his family members reportedly insisted on not taking away the dead body and brought a ‘tantrik’ to infuse life in him.

The tantric came with a sword dangling and along with the family members of the deceased entered into the ICU ward and performed black magic rituals near the dead body on ventilator. He also chopped some lemons chanting some verses and asked the family members to bring the rooster for sacrifice.

What happened next was scary. The Tantrik beheaded the rooster with the sword and only after 4 hours of performing of various occult rituals the dead body was taken back to the home of family members when none of the rituals actually worked.


You could not believe what happened in this next case…with a small girl *sigh*.


10-year Old Girl Killed in a Sacrifice Occult Ritual


Well this is really sadistic. Ayesha Nurulla, just 10-year-old girl’s body was found on the outskirts of a village in Southern India. She was sacrificed in a black magic ritual in order to cure a paralyzed man.

4 people were reportedly arrested including Ayesha’s uncle. He was the one who took the initiative to murder the girl. Wasil, Ayesha’s uncle want to cure his paralyzed brother. A black magic practitioner told him to do that.

According to the local police “the Tantrik suggested that Wasil’s brother Mohammed Rafiq could be cured of paralytic stroke if a girl was sacrificed. She had suggested that Rafiq had been ‘gripped by evil spirits’ and paralyzed, and to be cured of this, he had to sacrifice a minor girl within 40 days”

Guys this is how brutal it all went. On 1st March 2017, Wasil kidnapped the girl from her home gagged her, then slit her throat. After that performed the occult rituals. Then the pyscho packed her body in a sack and dumped her.

So guys, this is the last case and trust me you won’t believe how bad things has really gone here.

Coming to the 5th , the last and the most bizarre case of all.


Couple Sacrificing Child to Become Parents


This incident took place in Bihar, a state of India. Here a woman sacrificed her neighbor’s 12-year-old son to thank a deity after she conceived a child. This incident took place in a village. The woman who was married from 5 years was childless. She was in a very depressive state. She and her husband consulted a local occultist to perform the rituals for it.

It was reported that the woman conceived after some time, she went back to the occultist. The practitioner than advised her to sacrifice a human being to thank the deity who blessed her with a child.

So, the coupled kidnapped their neighbor’s son to an isolated area and eventually killed him. Then dumping his body in their backyard under the garbage.

Well, that was sick I know.

Later, some villagers who headed to couple’s backyard noticed a fouled odor and called the police. Police then recovered the decaying body of the boy. Total 3 people were arrested that time after the couple confessed. Here’s what the lady said “We were feeling depressed as we had no child. We killed the boy on the advice of the local tantrik”.


So, those were just 5 bizarre incidents that happened in India this year so far. Incidents like these still took place all over the world because of some psychopaths who are trying hard to prove themselves right. While some are doing this just to fool people.

Also watch this video clip where a real Human Sacrifice Ritual is taking place

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