5 easy lucid dream tips

In the beginning it might be difficult or very difficult for you to have your first lucid dream. But if you go along with me and follow these  lucid dream tips then the chances of your achieving lucid dreaming might just fulfill sooner than you expected.

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Following are the 5 lucid dream tips most of the PRO lucid dreamers are following and you can achieve it too.

#5 – Reality Tests

Reality tests or reality checks is simply an experiment to confirm which reality you are experiencing at the moment.

Perform the following simple reality checks to find out if you are dreaming or not.

5-easy-lucid dream tips

  1. Interlock your fingers: Try to interlock your fingers and then push your hands against each other. If in a dream they are likely to go through each other.
  2. Pinch your nose: Yes, just pinch your nose closing your mouth and try to breathe. If you are awake you will not be able to breathe but in a dream state you will still be breathing.


#4 – Keep A Dream Journal

3-ways-to-have-first-Lucid Dream

The most important thing any aspiring dream adventurer should do is always keep a regular record of the dreams which he/she is seeing . In the beginning it would be a bit difficult I know, but you can think of it in a way like like creating a map of the territory which you want to explore.

Ideally, you should write all the dreams even if that dream wasn’t making any kind of sense. But immediately after you wake up in the morning try doing this. For those who find it difficult to write it all down then you can record your voice in your phone and later write it down in your journal. Sometimes you might find it difficult to remember your dream. Even after considerable effort it could be difficult at that time just write down the details, emotions or any thought you remember after you woke up.

One important thing don’t edit out any embarrassing aspect which you see in your dream and you are not comfortable to write it down. Trust me it’s a bad idea. Even if you consider it very embarrassing then no one’s looking at it, you have to write complete details of it. So try to be honest with yourself.

Also, include additional information such as what time you went to bed, the time you woke and what was your mood before sleep. This might sound like way to much details but trust me it’s important.

This journal will become your map of the universe of your mind and it expands just beyond your dreams.

This journal can help you create a relationship with your dreams, which is simply not possible by any other way.

#3 -Recalling your Dream

5-easy-lucid dream tips

You wish to explore and master your dreams, you have to remember them.

Keeping a dream journal will surely help in this by improving their dream recall.

But if you struggle here are a few tips to get you going.

Number 1, before surrendering yourself to sleep, set the intention and make it clear in your mind that you will remember your dreams when you wake up. This willpower would be enough to boost you up to enhance your memory.

Number 2, After you wake up, do not interact with the surroundings, spend a few moments with your eyes closed and try to pull back all fragments of memory which you remember. Regularly practicing it will improve your dream recall greatly. As I said, don’t just jump out of your bed this will increase your chances of erasing your dream memories.

Number 3, improving your food diet can also aid in your dream recall. Try some healthy food in your diet which provides good supply to your brain, like eggs etc.

#2 – Develop your mental abilities

5-easy-lucid dream tips

The human mind is incredible and is highly capable to improve our abilities.

So, any aspiring lucid dreamer surely should spend some time daily to develop his mental abilities.

Your main focus should be the development of your memory and your ability to think.

Lucid dreaming is a process of critical thinking only. So learn and practice as many mental exercises as possible. The more you understand your mind the closer you are to achieve lucid dreaming.

#1 -And very important “Experimentation”

5-easy-lucid dream tips

For any lucid dreamer every night turns out to be an adventure. So, you would really want to experiment as many areas as possible in your sleeping life as possible.

Experiment with your food diets, waking at different times and then sleeping again, your sleeping positions and all the various lucid dreaming techniques.

By combining your nightly experiments, with the detailed record keeping of your dream journal and then applying your developing skills in critical thinking, logic and memory will make you an explorer of inner worlds which you could never see in real life.

So, this is just a start !

These were 5 basic tips for lucid dreaming.

Do you have any personal tips for lucid dreaming?

If so, then drop them in the comments below and help out your fellow explorers.


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