5 Easy Mind Reading Tricks

One of the most impressive tricks that a mentalists can perform if they want to truly blow away their audience is to attempt to read their very thoughts. If you can successfully get your audience to believe that you really possess the power of mind reading just by performing some of these cool tricks then you will surely be a hot topic in front of your audience.

Reading minds have always been one of the coolest mind reading tricks. Just read your audience thoughts and blow their minds right away.

Although performing a magic trick is very difficult, there are some amazing mind tricks that can be performed even by a beginner or any experienced magician. These mind reading tricks allows you to pull of some great illusions of reading audiences mind. Here I’ve compiled a great collection of dead easy mind reading tricks which you can be easily performed and will leave your friends and audience in a complete shock and they’ll just always want more from you.


Here are 5 easy mind reading tricks…

Amazing Secret Word Trick

This is one of the easiest yet one of the most powerful mind reading trick that comprises of a few mentalism principles into one effect.

Here he’ll show you the trick and will also let you know how he does that. Then you’ll be able to play with the audience mind so easily that they’ll be in a complete shock like “How you do that?” “How do you read my mind?”


Cool Mind Control Trick

Here is another cool trick perform by him. Another easy one to play with any person’s mind and control their mind the way you want to. You definitely don’t wanna miss out this next cool trick. Watch to know how to read mind easily.


Colorful Mind Blowing Magic Trick

Well, this is one amazing trick. This trick is called colorful because of a reason. The magic trick will be revealed in the end by him. Just check it out and try it yourself.


Instant Mind Reading

A very quick and easy to learn mind reading trick. Some magic tricks could be very complicated to learn and grasp. Well this trick is just opposite. It’s more of a joke than a trick and your audience would love it. Check it out.


Cool Mind Reading Audition Trick

Well this is a cool trick you can use in parties, functions, birthdays or anywhere else.A great video from the birthday party magician. He reveals a straight and very easy mind reading trick that can be performed with a few playing cards. In the video he shows you how to pick out a card that your audience has selected and thus leave them makes them convince that you really possess a kind of magical mind reading powers!


Well ! Those were some great tricks one must try. You don’t need to be a professional mentalist or a psychic mind reader. Just learn these tricks and you’ll blow away your audience with these cool mind reading tricks.

Cheers !

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