5 Unexplained Scary Paranormal Videos That Will Keep You Up Tonight

Best Paranormal Video Compilations


Well, here I have compiled some of the most scary paranormal videos which are still unexplained and can give you chills at anytime of day.

Watch all of them and you might also remain confused after watching them.


5 People Caught With Superpowers in Public

So starting with here. Here it shows 5 people who were caught on camera with superpowers. There hasn’t been complete explanation about them. They are really paranormal and one cannot decide how is this even possible. No one knows whether they are real or not..but they look really cool. They remain unexplained. Watch them and decide yourself.


10 Weird and Unexplained Mysteries Caught on Camera

Next, this is amazing. Here in this video it shows 10 amazing mysteries that were seen in the Sky. These 10 unexplained were so amazing to look. And no one can find what’s the real reason behind such weird stuffs.


5 Horrific And Scary Creatures Caught on Tape

Let’s get to second video which comprises of mysterious creatures which look really creepy and really are very shocking. The internet is full of hoax videos but the uploader of video guarantees them that they are real. Watch these 5 creatures and Yes, they are scary so BEWARE.


5 Unsolved and Mysterious Cases

Next up in the list are 5 unsolved mysteries. These are unexplained video of creepy, mysterious cases that just happened to be caught on camera. Watch them for yourself.

Well, that’s it for this post. I hope you enjoyed. Well many of these are said to be real videos and yes many could be just a work of camera.

But seeing those creatures and paranormal activities in real is really very creepy and horrific to see.

Have a creepy day and scary night.



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