5 Social Experiments That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Very often we see people do social experiments and share their video on YouTube.

Some of these social experiments shows us a bitter truth of life while some gives us valuable lessons.

Everyday we keep on complaining about the things we don’t have. But there are people who have nothing at all and yet after seeing their spirit gives us true life lessons.



This is the best motivation of all.


You know what the Law of Attraction teaches us?


To always give some part of what you have to those who are in real need.

This is how law of attraction will works for you too.


Here I have 5 amazing videos which will literally make you emotional.

There are some kind people out there bringing happiness in other people’s life by some means.

Watch these small clips and I believe these will melt your heart too.

You definitely should not miss this.


Here we go:

  1. Lonely Homeless Man

It’s pretty common that we usually ignore the homeless and beggars we see on the streets.

In this video the homeless lonely guy was so happy seeing someone sitting next to him that he offered him food and gets emotional.

Watch here:


2. Homeless guy winning a lottery


Man.. this is one of my favorite. Talk about surprises, here the beggar was given a surprise by giving him a fake lottery ticket and than turning that into a big prize money win for him.

Watch for yourself:



3. The Same Homeless Guy In Above Video Gets A Home

This is one of the best way to change any person’s live. The homeless literally cried continuously after seeing all the things he is getting into his life

One cannot miss this:

Watch here:



4. A Homeless Who Was Paying A Guy To Sit And Talk To Him


I was in tears seeing this homeless guy. I mean literally we cannot imagine the pain and loneliness these homeless guys suffers everyday.

This video is another fine of all social experiments which takes an amazing turn when the homeless guy was didn’t even want any money.

All that person need is someone to talk to.

I just wanna say, we have families….this is one of the best things which ever happen to us.

Watch it:


5. Homeless Guys Arm Wrestle For Money (Who Won????)


The answer is Humanity. Yes humanity won.

Not everyday you will see things like this. Some people maybe are beggars and homeless but they are richest person when it comes to humanity..

This is not really one of those social experiments but I was literally shocked seeing these guys like this.

One guy even after winning the money was ready to share it in such a worst phase of his life.

See what he did:




So that was all! I hope after seeing those video now you’ll get the idea that our troubles are really not that big comparing to troubles of these peoples living without a home.

What we can always do is lend our helping hand for such needies.

And in return the law of attraction will work for us too giving us more and more.

That’s a proven fact.

I recommend all The Law of Attraction believers to keep helping people who are in need and surely you’ll get more in return + the happiness after helping others is simply cannot be described.


Keep helping others and the law of attraction will help you.



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