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Do you think you know how to do telepathy, but really want to improve in this. The following telepathy techniques can help you improve your mind connections . All you need to do is be persistent in your work and these telepathy techniques will give you the magic only your mind can see.

And if you are new to telepathy, then read these 3 simple steps to learn telepathy.



1. Make a record

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In the end it’s good to have a journal with you. A telepathy journal which keeps all your records. You may face disappointments, write it. You will learn something new, write it. Anything you visualize, just write it down too. If you receive any information from the receiver or you were able to read a person’s mind just write every detail of it in your journal. This will help you in long time as keeping the information will help you track where you need to improve.

2.Relax your body

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Yes, you here right. Your body should be relaxed in order to relax your mind. A completely relaxed body is very important to be a pro in telepathy. Practice yoga everyday. Yoga helps relaxing your mind and muscles and relieves the tension which is very much important.

3. Ignore the negativity


So by negativity I mean the negative thoughts which many people generates in you by their thoughts. Always stay focused on what you want to achieve. Disbelievers gonna bring you down. So if you really want to do telepathy you have to ignore these people in your life.

4. A friend could help


Telepathy always needs two people to communicate, so definitely it’s the best way to practice with a partner. It would be a great practice for you if any close friend of you or anyone who knows you well helps you in this. Try to do all the telepathic exercises with your friend. With time this will really boost up your learning process.

5.Visualizing is the key


To have clear thoughts it’s important that you have a clear picture of everything you want.¬† Sit back and relax and try to visualize anything you want. Any realistic thing which makes sense ofcourse. Now try to visualize it. You could practice it with your partner too if you want. This is very important because ultimately what we all want is to be good in imagination so that we can effectively communicate using telepathy.

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