4 Best Lucid Dreaming techniques

Lucid Dreaming is an art which needs to be mastered by regular practice, dedication and consistency. There are a whole lot of techniques all over the internet which may or may not make sense.

So today I’ll be telling you 4 of the best lucid dreaming techniques. These lucid dreaming techniques are followed by all of the pros who lucid dream daily using these techniques. If you want to master lucid dream then you have to follow the right approach always.

Also check these easy lucid dream tips to increase your chances of lucid dreaming.

lucid dreaming-techniques

Here I’ll be explaining you the best lucid dreaming techniques and along with all those techniques I’ve also gathered the videos of all these lucid dreaming techniques from the web which will give you a deeper understanding and will surely help you to master them easily with regular practice.

Okay, so when you read the following techniques remember that different techniques work differently for different people. There is no best or worst technique. And all of these lucid dreaming techniques can let you have over 2 to 5 lucid dreams every night. But for that you have to consistently follow and practice these techniques on regular basis.


WBTB (Wake Back To Bed)

This technique can be practiced by waking yourself up everyday after 4-6 hours of sleep. Get out of your bed and you have to stay up anywhere for a few minutes to almost an hour before going to bed again. This technique is very important as it increases your chances of lucid dream. WBTB technique can also have amazing results with a combination of MILD/WBTB. I have explained MILD technique also below. But remember you need plenty of sleep time for this technique so plan it accordingly.

You can also modify this technique. Try returning to sleep somewhere different than where you usually sleep, e.g. on a couch or different bed. If you are unable to do this, try changing the way you sleep. Example: reversing the orientation of your body while in the bed (by swapping head and feet).

Watch this video too where he has provided some more deeper understanding of WBTB technique.


Mild means “Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams”. This technique was developed by Stephen LaBerge one of the most renowed lucid dreamer and is also explained in in his book Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming.

In MILD technique, when as you are falling asleep, you concentrate on your intention to remember to recognize that you are dreaming. Always repeat in your head, like “Next time I’m dreaming, I will remember I’m dreaming”, or “When I’ll sleep next time, I will lucid dream”. Think and imagine that you are again in a dream which you’ve seen recently. But this time you recognize that you are dreaming.

For example, if you recently dreamed of flying, imagine realizing that it is a dream because you are flying. Keep repeating and visualizing the mantra until you are sure that your intention is set in your mind or you fall asleep.

In short, MILD technique can be practiced everytime when you go to bed at night, or after you have awakened from a dream during the night. Practicing the MILD technique after you have awakened from a dream, you should first run through the dream to ensure that you remember it. Making a few notes in a dream journal about your dreams can also be very helpful.

Watch this video to know more of it:



Wild is “Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream” and has been successful in a scientific research. It refers to falling asleep consciously. Its like doing a self hypnosis. Some believes that WILDs are not actual dreams, but are instead astral projection.

lucid dreaming-techniques

For WILDs to occur, your body must be completely relaxed. Lie down comfortably when you go back to bed. Now relax your body, starting from your shoulders and working downwards, then back up to the face. This or any other similar relaxation, meditation techniques should make your body feel slightly heavy and relaxed.

All the ways to induce WILD technique involves simultaneously attempting to keep the mind aware while attempting to have the body fall asleep.

If you pay attention to your body while using these techniques, then you will likely enter sleep paralysis (which usually happens after you are already asleep) without losing conscious awareness of your body.

You might get a buzzing sensation which might be unpleasant. These sensations might be so strong that you feel that you will die but don’t worry, this is perfectly safe! This process happens to you every time you sleep, you are just not conscious during it.

If you do not fall asleep, and become completely paralyzed (with the exception of your eyes), do not try to move. Imagine your dream hand going up and leaving your physical hand behind. There you should have two separate bodies, a dream one and a real one. Control your dream body only.

This is possible that after waking up from a dream that you initiated using this technique, you may still be paralyzed. If this phenomenon occurs, it may be accompanied by hallucinations. For example, you may wake up from a lucid dream that you started using one of the WILD techniques, and you will still be paralyzed, this is a state of Sleep paralysis.



DILD is one of the main lucid dreaming technique that you can use to get a Lucid Dream.
The main difference between DILD and WILD is:

DILD – You try to sleep normally. And when in a dream, you realize you are dreaming.
WILD – You let your body fall asleep and keep your mind aware. Only until your dream is ready and you enter it without losing consciousness.

lucid dreaming-techniques

To realize this, you have to teach your minds to ask just one question “Am I dreaming?” that too just in your dream.

You also have to follow certain steps.

During the day time, no matter what time, stop and ask yourself “Am I dreaming”?

Examine your surroundings.

Ask yourself how you got there. And also what have you been doing before 5 minutes.

Also try to do reality checks. Reality checks like “Looking at your hands”.

look at your hands and examine them. And say to yourself, “Next time when I’m dreaming, I will look at my hands and realize I’m dreaming.”

Repeat the above steps.

Pretty soon this behavior starts happening in your regular dreams and you will gain awareness and ultimately become lucid.

In the following video he’ll tell you more on how to practice DILD technique. Watch it and learn.

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