How to read minds – 5 best ways be a mind reader 1

How often have you heard about mind reading tricks, well it’s not a trick but a skill which any person can master.

To be a mind reader here are quick mind reading tips.

Well, on one side although learning telepathy is quite difficult, mind reading is a skill which can be learned with a good approach. By developing an inner intuition about what others values can help you get ahead.


Top performers aren’t always the smartest people; they’re the ones who connect with others and have a higher EQ [emotional quotient].”

“When the messages you receive say that the person isn’t on the same page, these are clues that are telling you to step back and redirect,”. It’s time to change the conversation or change your approach.” says Loren Miner, COO of the recruitment firm Decision Toolbox.


To build better relationships, follow these ways to read someone’s mind:


Starting with generational differences

“Generational differences are fascinating,”. Millennials often hide behind computers and speak their mind through Twitter and blogs. They don’t place value in face-to-face communication. Boomers, on the other hand, like to talk to someone in person.”  Says Minor.

Understanding someone’s generation will help you know the best way to approach them to develop a relationship. Generations also value different things, says Miner. Millennials, for example, look for fast results. “When we talk to them, we talk about quick, proven processes,” she says. “Boomers are more conservative. When we talk to them, we move slower and talk about things like safety and risk.”

Pressing the right buttons

Another way to read someone’s mind is to look for their pain points. Ask right questions to them. To be able to read mind you have to establish a personal bond.

Miner suggests skipping pre-canned conversations and entering the relationship as a discussion. “Ask open-ended questions that allow the person to share their strengths and challenges,” says Miner. “Or share stories about what you’ve done for others. Nine times out of 10, people will agree that they have the same issue, which helps you better understand what they need.”

Observe carefully

Just take some time to observe the person whose mind you want to read. To be able to read mind you should make a clear picture of the person sitting near you. Make a picture of their face structure, their expressions, hairs, eyes, body language and every bit of detail.

Focus is the key

After observing carefully now keep the focus just on the person. Look at the person directly in his eyes for 15-30 seconds. Then just look away so that the person doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Now sit in silence and let the thoughts and feelings of the person fill your mind and soul. Mind reading process has just started.

Start a conversation

Starting a conversation will uncover the thoughts and feelings of the person. Start talking with the person on any topic. This could be anything like their home life, work etc. Then the thoughts that come rushing into your mind may be the same thoughts running through the person’s mind. The most important part now is to tell the person what you believe they are thinking. You might not do right guesses in the beginning but this will eventually be your strength in the coming time.

To read mind here, the key is to welcome any thought that enter your mind. Even if those thoughts are troublesome or not appropriate. Just give accurate reading of your thoughts.

The person now must know that you’re aware of all their life’s sorrows and problems. Let them trust you and this will able to open them up. You might now able to help them with their problems. This mind reading ability will give you a lot of power, just use them wisely.


Some Important tips

Utilize the following tips to master mind reading abilities. A person who wants to know how to read minds, must follow these very important tips. These tips will increase your chances of success and will blow the person mind.


Emotional attachment

If you know the person whose mind you are reading, then you ask them if they are also feeling the same emotions as you’re feeling. Just be patient. They might feel anger, stress, nervousness etc. If the person you talk to agrees with the emotions you sense, ask them if they can figure out any reasons why they might be feeling this way.

Then try to give them suggestions on what they should do next to intensify or decrease these feelings. This will surely amaze them by your skills.


Be a good listener

What every good communicator have in common?

Their listening skills. When someone talks, listen them with all their heart. Be in that moment completely. Listen to the other person so that you can process and understand everything they are saying. But you must also listen to what they’re not saying as well. Listening carefully will make you read their thoughts.


To Conclude

Mind reading is a kind of skill any person can acquire. Reading minds is not a skill only professional mentalists or any psychic readers can do. You can do it as well. Patience is the key here to achieve progress and read minds. Don’t use your mind reading abilities to gain an advantage over someone else.

Try to help others using your abilities. Mind readers can be great friends for people who need real help in life.

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