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As a beginner one can always find difficulty in astral projection. But to prepare your brain mentally for this. Read these Astral Projection tips that will help your brain get prepared for astral projection. image src: Learn from your own astral projection experience  –  What’s important here is to keep in mind that beyond and above any facts which you may read and get right […]

5 Astral Projection Tips for beginners that will help you get started

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If you are willing to learn astral projection, then follow these simple steps. If you follow these steps consistently than you’ll learn astral projection in no time. First things first, to get yourself prepared for astral projection, start practicing in the early mornings, when you are still drowsy after you wake up, this is considered to be a better approach. Create a perfect atmosphere You need […]

How to perform astral projection?

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If you have just started or is a newbie in astral projection. Then following 3 steps will help you start astral projection. Just follow along these steps to learn astral projection… If you are trying to determine out how to do astral projection without problems, the first aspect you want to understand is the way to produce the take-off. In different words, you need to […]

Astral Projection: 3 steps to perform astral projection for beginners?

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Astral projection is an out-of-body experience which one can achieve either during Lucid dreaming or through a deep meditation. The people who has experienced astral projection says that it feels like their soul or astral body has left their physical body and moves in any other world or dimension. Astral Projection has been around for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China. Psychics regularly say that the unconscious (or […]

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