Lucid Dream

3-ways-to-have-first-Lucid-Dream ?
You are not able to control your dreams. Right? You have not yet experienced your first lucid dream, but want to. Well I’ll let you know 3 best ways to experience your first lucid dream. Ready to go….   Any dream in that you recognize you’re dreaming and/or are able to control elements of the dream, that’s how lucid dreaming is defined scientifically. Make a […]

3 ways to have first Lucid Dream ?

You might have heard so many facts and stories related to lucid dreaming. But not all are true. Below I’ve busted 3 myths which you definitely want to know. So check these 3 myths about lucid dreaming, here we go …  Myth#3. you could get caught in lucid dream limbo. Of path i like the movie Inception, however its unlucky legacy is the parable of lucid […]

3 myths about Lucid dreaming

what-can-i-do-in-lucid-dream 1
I know you are a hell lot interested in knowing the endless possibilities you can achieve while lucid dreaming. Well, I’ll tell you what exactly you can do while in a lucid dream. Just be with me, I have also shared my first lucid dream experience here. So, you might want to take a look and also want to check other dream ideas. A totally […]

What can I do in a lucid dream ?