How to control your dream while sleeping?

Lucid dreaming is the ability to know that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming.  Once you are lucid you can explore your dream and can travel anywhere.

In your dream you could land up in space or could be a super human. The possibilities are endless. Just imagine being free of your body, forgot all the gravity stuff. You are free to roam fly or do anything you want. You may get the chance to kiss Emma Watson. Though, you must first convince her.

How to start

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The best possible way to start is by keeping a dream journal. A journal which keeps the record of everything you experience while dreaming. Every single detail should be written by you in it. I personally would like you to make a dream journal because I have tried this and it really helps. With time, you will have frequent dreams about similar things. This could be anything like an animal, or place. These dream signs will eventually have led you towards the state of lucidity. You just have to keep a journal and write all that you experience.

As you have maintained a good record of dreams just highlight the things which you have seen more than once in your all the dreams. Finding and figuring out dream signs and symptoms will educate your subconscious to spot them the next time they appear.

If you understand that you frequently dream of your ex-gf, as an instance, you could use this as a cause for turning into aware that you’re dreaming. inform yourself earlier than mattress, “The next time I see my ex-girlfriend/boyfriend I’m able to recognize that I am dreaming.” Understanding that your dreams talk an acquainted language with routine places, humans or themes can be one of the simplest methods to understand that you’re dreaming.

By asking yourself the query, “Am I dreaming?” throughout your day, you’ll start to ask the identical question even as in your dream. Your suspicion of truth will echo into your sleep, bouncing round your thoughts till — Bamm! — you locate yourself in the middle of your very own psyche. reality checks are every other cornerstone of lucid dreaming.



When you stop, and think about it, you can generally inform in case you’re dreaming or not: The trick is preventing and considering it. it can sound crazy to invite this query when you realize for sure that you’re awake. However, your emotions of lunacy might be justified if you have your first lucid dream. Quickly enough, you’ll perform a fact check in a dream and realize: “Hey wait! It’s really working. I am dreaming…!”

First things to try in lucid dreaming


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In relation to lucid dreaming, one of the easiest but most thrilling reviews is walking through solid objects. A window, a brick wall, a rock face — this stuff are best illusions, projections from your mind. they are now not physical. objects may also sense solid while you contact them, but they experience solid best because you count on them to experience that way. Consider the object as air, and you will bypass through it easily.


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Well but the first thing I tried when I realize I am dreaming was flying. Flying is the number one shape of journey among dreamers. Most of the people says that this is their favorite component to do after they find themselves self-aware of their dreams. The feeling of the wind speeding across your face, the liberty and exhilaration of transferring in any direction, free of all boundaries, is one hell of an experience which all dreamt of.

In a lucid dream, you could be anything. You are the creator. Nothing is off-limits — no item, creature or contraption is out of reach. Your creation can be as big as a mountain or as complicated as a living organism. If you may create the impossible, what would you want to make or become?

After a few lucid dreams, many humans revel in a drastic alteration of their perspectives — they understand that there may be a lot more to reality than they currently recognize. Goals often alert us to our issues, and manual us towards a decision. Read over your dream-journal entries and ask yourself, “Do any of these desires contain advice on how I may be happier or a better person?” We will record and interpret our everyday goals that allows you to decode the messages from our subconscious. But, however, deciphering our dream journals can be difficult. It’s not constantly viable to recognize exactly what your subconscious is speaking. That’s where lucid dreaming comes in. You could find lost parts of yourself while exploring your dream world.

How real life can affect your lucid dreams?


Sleeping positions


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So, let’s just take a little wacky example here: A recent observe out of Hong Kong found that sleeping on your belly will increase the probabilities you’ll have a sexual dream — or a dream about being persecuted.

The examples of issues noted inside the observe encompass “having a sexual relationship with a big wheel or celeb,” or “being tied, not able to transport.” Which all makes experience: while you’re in your stomach, your genitals are in contact with the mattress—i.e., they’re stimulated — and it’s harder to breathe, just like whilst you’re having sex … or being suffocated. One greater tidbit approximately napping position: The satisfactory way to remember your desires is to live inside the equal role you had been in whilst you woke up. “That’s simply all it takes to start remembering your dreams,” says Loewenberg.

“Don’t circulate — live put.” And in case you wake up to go to the toilet and want to re-input the dream you had been within the center of, attempt getting proper returned into the position you had been sleeping in earlier than getting up.

Voices in your head

If you’ve ever incorporated the sound of your alarm clock into your dream — perhaps it has become a fire alarm or a whistle — you recognize that real-lifestyles sounds can locate their manner into your dreams’ storylines. An app even monitors sleep and plays sounds designed to evoke positive dreams.

Loewenberg attests that soundtracks can impact the content of your dreams, and while she doesn’t advise creating a dependency out of this — once more, it interferes with the cognitive paintings your dreams are intended to accomplish — she says that “It’s ok, sometimes, in case you need to steer a virtually extraordinary dream, to play your favorite album quietly at the same time as you sleep. Or maybe the sound of the ocean, if you need to dream about a romp on the beach with Ashton Kutcher.”


German researchers introduced both a wonderful scent (roses) or a terrible scent (rotten eggs) whilst women entered rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep — a high time for dreaming. when the ladies had been woken up, they have been asked about what they’d dreamt. Smelling roses yielded positive desires, even as smelling eggs yielded negative dreams.


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Loewenberg explains that if you smell flowers, chocolate or fragrance while you’re wide awake, it tends to evoke fantastic feelings, so it makes feel that the dream might follow a similar pattern. However, there’s a biological explanation, too: “The limbic machine part of the brain that controls the potential to get hold of odor also gets feelings,” she says.


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Easy lucid dream tips for beginners

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