How To Have Lucid Dream Sex To Fulfill All Your Wildest Desires

If you’ve ever dreamed of having sex with Emma Watson or Angelina Jolie or Tom Cruise then only way you can have sex with them is in your dreams.

lucid dream sex

I’ve heard many people want to have lucid dreams only to have sex and there’s nothing wrong in it. I think lucid dream sex is the best possible way to fulfill all your desires. That’s what motivates people to learn controlling their dreams.

I’ll be covering all the aspects of this phenomena and will answer all the questions which you might have in your mind.


Is Lucid Dream Sex Possible ??????

 lucid dream sex

One word answer – YES ! 

But it’s not that easy to initiate a lucid dream sex. Your dream partner may look straight forward in your eyes but you never know if they walk away right in front of you.

You have to be clear of one thing that most of the dream figures are often projections of your own psyche. And You can ultimately have a good amount of lucid dream sex if you identify what motivates your dream figure.

So, rather than treating them as a sexual object, you can talk to them, first make them comfortable and establish a good intimate experience.

If you are having lucid dreams, and want to experience lucid dream sex than one thumb rule is to never abuse your dream figures, that’s the only way to take advantage of your dreams.


Why People Have Sexual Experiences In A Lucid Dream?

lucid dream sex

Because you can always have sex whenever you want in your dream.

You are not bounded in any way. You can have sex with whoever you want in your dream. Any movie star, your friend, your crush or anyone.

There is no risk of getting anyone pregnant and you can explore all your fantasies, no matter how kinky it is.

So, there is no risk at all.


What About Lucid Dream Orgasms? Are They Real?

lucid dream sex

Well, there have been scientific studies of orgasms during lucid dreams sex.

The studies have shown that lucid dream orgasms can increase you heart rate, changes in your vascular tissue and in males it can lead to ejaculation of semen as well.

It’s true that this is all in mind but that doesn’t make it feel less real to the dreamers in their erotic lucid dream environment,

What I have also found as a beginner is that it’s difficult to hold onto conscious lucidity until the critical moment. The lucid dream sex is highly arousing and many people wake up before they can orgasm.


I had sex in lucid dream with someone I never met. How is it possible ?

lucid dream sex

During the daytime we often see hundreds of people. And there are so many people we see but didn’t remember all of them.

Often it happens when we have seen someone in the crowd during daytime and that stranger which we don’t even remember come in our dreams.

So it’s very natural. Thing often happens in lucid dream which we does not intend too.



How To Have Sex In A Lucid Dream?

lucid dream sex

So there are a few things you require before you can have sex….

First, you need to have a intermediate level of dream control (Find here how you can have lucid dream easily)

Secondly, some people are not able to remember their dreams. So, you should be able to remember your dreams, that is needed.




Will it matter, if you have an amazing lucid dream sex experience. You have explored all your fantasies in your dream. Imagine you and your lucid dream partner (which could be your crush or any celeb). You both had an amazing time with you exploring all your wildest fantasies with your partner.

But as soon as you wake up…you forgot everything. Damn, that’s it, you don’t remember anything.

So you have to learn how you can remember them every time you wake up.


So step 1 – Get lucid In Your Dream

lucid dreaming-techniques

Firstly, you have to get lucid. Try various lucid dreaming techniques.

Do reality checks whenever you enter a dream. One of the best technique is Wake Back to Bed technique, so whichever suits you the best.


Next Step – Find The Dream Partner You Want To Have Sex With

lucid dream sex

In your dream, look for someone you like. It’s your dream you create everything there, so it’s all in your head. So create whatever you want.

Ask yourself in your dream to provide you with someone you want. Say in your dream something like ‘I want to see XXXX in front of me right now‘.

You have to expect from your dreams everything that you want. If you think in your dream that your partner will run away, then eventually they will.

So, be confident and expect that they too want to make love with you.


Third Step Is To Make Your First Move

lucid dream sex

Just be stable, do all the reality checks and then approach your dream partner. Get close to your partner, touch them and try to get intimate with your partner.

Your lucid dream sex fantasy is about to happen and your partner won’t resist or stop you. Have good sex with them.

All the things will come naturally, just get close to the person as you would do in real life.

You can start by kissing them, play with the hairs, rub their body. The thing is you have to spend good amount of time in the foreplay which will then lead you to your lucid dream sex.

The worst part here is if you get too excited, you’ll wake up. And for sure you don’t won’t that. Try to be in your senses and don’t get too excited.


Then.. Having An Orgasm

lucid dream sex

You’ll for sure reach orgasm and that too pretty soon. You’ll feel like you are about to cum and will feel the pressure. This will be very normal but this is the tough part as when you’ll get wet, you’ll likely to wake up.

This is not under your control, this will just happen. But as soon as you wake up you would have an amazing feel might be one of the best feeling you ever have.


Now here are some questions which many people have in their mind. I’ll try to answer them in the best possible manner.

here we go…


Lucid Dream Sex FAQs


How Does Lucid Dream Sex Actually feel like?

Feels almost real. The feeling is amazing. It’s all a combination of your memories of your real life sex and how you expect your lucid dream sex to be.

It’s your brain which stimulates everything.

Can you get addicted to lucid dream sex?

There are no such cases found. Lucid Dream sex can fulfill your fantasies and you won’t be able to have lucid dream sex every other night. So for sure you won’t get addicted to this.


Can you have REAL orgasms in a lucid dream?

Yes, you can. You can have real orgasms. When you cum or ejaculate in your lucid dream and you would not even know and you will cum in reality as well.

Talking about the dream world, it’s been scientifically proven that you can physically ejaculate from a lucid sex. But this is the point where if you get unstable than you would end waking yourself up.

And after you wake up, you might still be horny and may want real sex.


Is Lucid Sex dangerous?

No, Lucid Dream Sex isn’t dangerous at all. In fact lucid dreaming itself is totally safe.

If you are in a real life relationship, then don’t worry there’s won’t be any harm in that. There is no cheating as there is nothing like reality in it. Keep in mind that it’s all in mind.

Also be read for certain bad experiences that you might experience in your dream:

  • Getting stood up by dream characters
  • You are not able to orgasm before waking up
  • You are rejected by the dream character you choose to shag
  • And sadly not being able to remember to have sex in the dream.


Tips to dream eroticism

lucid dream sex

Keeping in mind the following things and might you might experience one of the best eroticism.

Surprise the partner: Now you know you are lucid in your dream don’t just hurry up for having sex or you might end up waking up straight away. Pay attention to your dream partner.

Keep in mind that now you can achieve all your lucid dream sex fantasy with your partner. Shower your love to the partner. Talk with him/her. Our mind has connection with it.

Just don’t be in a hurry and give your dream partner time by listening to what it says. And you may be surprised with an unexpected gift from the dream… and a very intense erotic dream of your life as well.


lucid dream sex

Eye contact: Dream figures can speak consent this manner. I am severe: whether you trust or not dream figures are unreal mental models, or parts of the subconscious personality, or self sustaining beings with their very own intentions.

You could pretty tons gauge the authenticity of the come upon simply by way of making eye contact and receiving consent. In fact, this could cause some ecstatic moments in and of itself.

lucid dream sex

Don’t go rough: Keep one thing in mind because of the intense emotionalism if somehow you feel uncomfortable or at risk just try to wake yourself up.

At the same time as lucid dream sexuality is often pointed out by novices, few grasp the mental dynamics of Eros in the aware dream.

With recognize, gratitude, and a sincere wish to examine, erotic lucid dreaming may be fun, and fulfilling.


If you have any other doubt or want to share your story, put that down in comment and share this post if you liked it.


Have fun and keep lucid dreaming!

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