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So you might be thinking are the dream orgasms real? Or How can you initiate a lucid dream sex with your dream character? Or you have any other lucid dream sex fantasy. Then continue to read on.

So let’s get this straight, exploring sexual fantasy is one of the major reasons anyone want to learn lucid dreaming. Although there are dozens of guides, books, CDs for beginning lucid dreaming but these guide definitely don’t tell you how to explore erotic energy in dreams. So I’ll tell answer some of the questions all about the possibilities of exploring sex and completing your lucid dream sex fantasy. If you want to learn more about what is lucid dreaming and how to start lucid dreaming then check here

Everything-about-your-Lucid Dream Sex fantasy-but-you-are-afraid-to-ask


Q: Can I achieve real orgasms in my dreams ?

A: Sure, it’s been scientifically documented that orgasms in lucid dreams can be real orgasms. And observed with the aid of muscular responses, a quickened coronary heart price, and vascular tissue exchange too. This is real for males and females. However, no longer each lucid dream orgasm is necessarily a physical one.

A few seem to just trip the satisfaction center inside the thoughts. Particularly if the arousal happens fast or without delay. So yes, your lucid dream sex fantasy can let you achieve real orgasms.

Q: Why are my lucid dreams so erotically charged?

A: REM sleep is simply exciting from a biological standpoint. For men erections and  engorgement in female come and go usually everytime in normal dreams. Now if we are aware of in a dream means we are very aware of our body getting aroused as we dream. The top 2 lucid activities is generally flying and sex, that’s why there is a connection between flying and getting physiological arousal in dreams.

Q: I had a sex in lucid dream with someone I never met. How is it possible ?

Everything-about-your-Lucid Dream Sex fantasy-but-you-are-afraid-to-ask

A: During the daytime we often see hundreds of people. And there are so many people we see but didn’t remember all of them. Often it happens when we have seen someone in the crowd during daytime and that stranger which we don’t even remember come in our dreams.

So it’s very natural. Thing often happens in lucid dream which we does not intend too.

Q: Can I learn to lucid dream and have sex with my ultimate fantasy during my dreams?

A: Yes, you can achieve all your lucid dream sex fantasy and the experience may feel like a real thing happening. All your emotions, your sensations you  felt will feel as real world provided you have felt all those sensations in reality before, so that your brain can draw memories.


So here are some tips to explore and dream eroticism

Tips to dream eroticism

keeping in mind the following things and might you might experience one of the best eroticsm.

Also check out these simple tips which will help you out to lucid dream easily.

Everything-about-your-Lucid Dream Sex fantasy-but-you-are-afraid-to-ask

  • Surprise the partner: Now you know you are lucid in your dream don’t just hurry up for having sex or you might end up waking up straight away. Pay attention to your dream partner. Keep in mind that now you can achieve all your lucid dream sex fantasy with your partner. Shower your love to the partner. Talk with him/her. Our mind has connection with it. Just don’t be in a hurry and give your dream partner time by listening to what it says. And you may be surprised with an unexpected gift from the dream… and a very intense erotic dream of your life as well.
  • Eye contact: Dream figures can speak consent this manner. I am severe: whether you trust or not dream figures are unreal mental models, or parts of the subconscious personality, or self sustaining beings with their very own intentions. You could pretty tons gauge the authenticity of the come upon simply by way of making eye contact and receiving consent. In fact, this could cause some ecstatic moments in and of itself.
  • Don’t go rough: Keep one thing in mind because of the intense emotionality if somehow you feel uncomfortable or at risk just try to wake yourself up.
  • At the same time as lucid dream sexuality is often pointed out by novices, few grasp the mental dynamics of Eros in the aware dream. With recognize, gratitude, and a sincere wish to examine, erotic lucid dreaming may be fun, and fulfilling.

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