10 Amazing Horror Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

We all love scary movies. But these scary movies are much more creepy and scary off-screen then on-screen. There are many hidden facts and some great stories which are unheard and are really amazing horror movie facts which all the horror movie fans should know.

horror movie facts

Here are 10 amazing horror movie facts. Enjoy reading


1.Dead Chickens and Walnuts were used to create the gory and bloody noises heard in The Evil Dead

horror movie facts

In an interview with BuzzFeed the previous year, The Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell told them that: “We had a chicken and we’d take a meat cleaver and wedge into it so you’d get the impact and a bit of the goo… cracked walnuts work for a neck twist“.

So yeah, Evil Dead has been made with some serious real shit. *sigh*


2. Scream movie was inspired by the real events that took place during the early’ 90s in Gainesville, Florida

horror movie facts

That time, an American serial killer got famous by the name The Gainesville Ripper. The guy murdered students in very disturbing ways.

The Screenwriter Kevin Williamson watched a news report about The Gainesville Ripper and the murders and was totally freaked out.

It’s said that this fear inspired him to write the first and opening scene for the movie Scream.

That sounds …. umm….Inspirational?


3. The Paranormal Activity also made in this list of horror movie facts.

horror movie facts

The director and writer Oren Peli of the Paranormal Activity filmed the movie in his own house. Well this really has given the house a very scary reputation. But still Peli had no issues selling that house later.

Surely he would be saying to the buyer “Have fun in the house with the demon“.


4. Saw was also inspired by a news story

horror movie facts

Well, we all have been a fan of Saw movies. But very little of us actually know that this movie was also inspired by a news story.

Let me tell you what happened. James Wan, Saw director was just 17 when he watched a news report where a man broke into people’s house just to tickle the feet of sleeping children.

Damn Psycho???

This report scared Wan so much that he slept with a hammer beside his bed. Later when the man was caught, it was shown in the reports that he didn’t commit all those crimes on his own and he was actually forced to do it.

This thing clicked his mind and sparked the idea where characters were forced to do what they’re told. The criminal or we can call him the tickling criminal was also apparently sent a jigsaw piece that told him what he has to do next. This was the inspiration behind the Jigsaw Killer in all the Saw films.

Well, that’s really interesting.

So far, those are some real good horror movie facts.


5. The Puppet in the movie Saw is really really special

horror movie facts

The all time famous and iconic puppet used in the Saw movie also known as  Billy was very precious to all the filmmakers. Leigh Whannell and James Wan has paid for the puppet to have its own seat on a flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles.

At that time, the filmmaker duo were trying to get the film made in Hollywood and they were just having in one puppet.

In addition, the original wooden puppet was handmade by Wan.


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6. Candyman

horror movie facts

This one totally shocked me. I don’t know how he did that but it’s a real shocker.

In the above pic the bees in Tony Todd’s mouth are real bees. Yes, he had real bees in his mouth for the shoot.

A mouth guard was used which prevented the bees to get swallowed. And the only thing which prevented the bees from stinging him was his very serious sense of calm.

Seems like, the guy has really got some balls.


7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre used a real human skeleton

horror movie facts

If you have watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie than you must have seen one disturbing human skeleton at the end of this movie.

This skeleton has frightened the audience but what’s even more creepier? Well, that skeleton was not fake. And actually the skeleton was bought from India.

Yeah, one can find all the creepy stuff in India.


8. Hostel: An abandoned psychiatric hospital

horror movie facts

Eli Roth, the director of the movie Hostel has shot the movie Hostel in an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Prague. This hospital is very well known for housing very violent patients. Shooting was very scary for the cast because of the inherently creepy atmosphere.



9. The Shining actress has done a lot of crying

horror movie facts

Shelley Duvaell, the actress of The Shining had spent the entire movie in a state of hysteria, doing a lot of crying.

She remained in that state for so long and cried so much that she had to keep a lot of water bottles on set to keep herself from getting dehydrated.


10. The Conjuring has scared all of them

horror movie facts

In Phillippines, some theatres has to hire priests to bless all the moviegoers after some people complained that they have experienced negative presence after watching the film.

Well, that sets an example for all the horror movies.


Well ,those were some of the most fascinating and unheard horror movie facts.

Finally I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you know any other interesting fact related to horror movie, then let me know in the comments.

To conclude,

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