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If you are willing to learn astral projection, then follow these simple steps. If you follow these steps consistently than you’ll learn astral projection in no time.

First things first, to get yourself prepared for astral projection, start practicing in the early mornings, when you are still drowsy after you wake up, this is considered to be a better approach.

Create a perfect atmosphere

How-to-perform-astral projection

You need to be in the state of deep relaxation. Lie on your bed and try to relax your mind and body.

It would be easier to perform astral projection when you are alone. Try to avoid any kind of distractions.

Now close your eyes and relax your mind and body. Try to meditate, the goal is to achieve total relaxation.

Try to flex your muscle from head to toe. Inhale and exhale deeply and try to avoid any tension. Just relax.

Being lucid

How-to-perform-astral projection

Next stage is to reach the hypnotic stage.  Let your mind approach sleep, but don’t completely lose consciousness. Being at the edge of wakefulness and sleep kind of hypnotic state, this is necessary for astral projection to occur. Try using the following methods:

  • With your eyes closed, try to make your mind wander to various parts of your body like hands, foot, ears etc.
  • Now try to visualize the body part completely, your eyes will remain closed.
  • Make your mind to flex your body part, do not physically move it. Try until you feel like they are really moving. Now focus all this to rest of your body.


Now use your mind power to move your soul from your body and try to imagine yourself as you are lying in the same room. Everything is going in your mind, try to move your soul out of your body and then look at yourself lying in bed. Now your soul is walking out of the room.

Now if all goes right your OBE step is successful and your conscious self is separated from your body. Though it would take a lot of practice to reach till this point, but keep practicing it unit you are able to make yourself walk across the room.

Now try to re- enter your body slowly. Move your palm and feet physically as well and try gaining full conscious.

It’s time now to explore astral plane-

How-to-perform-astral projection

Next step would be that as soon as you leave your body don’t look back to your body and keep moving in your room and check the surroundings. Even if it just a pen, try and examine it completely from its color to its appearance.  Then return to your body and gain full consciousness and examine that object again and confirm the details of it when you examined It in your mind.

Just keep on exploring like this even walk out of your room, and then  return to your body and after gaining consciousness try going to the place you have gone in your mind and explore it. Just remember to return to your body everytime.

Continue your astral journeys…..

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