How to Use Telepathy


You might not know but your mind is 500% more powerful than you think it is.

Telepathy has been with us for over 5000 years.

Empower yourself via gaining knowledge and learning how to use telepathy for yourself and humanity.

To spiritually improve, we shall awaken the strength that inherently lie dormant within us.

Is Telepathy real?


For thousands of years, we’ve got left out this amazing inner sense due to civilization.

The power of telepathy has existed and thrive in ancient times, however has been discontinued because we, modern civilized beings, now doesn’t need them.

This also explains the numerous bizarre behaviors with dogs, horses, cats, etc. Because they, too, have telepathic talents.

If you are a female, you will have this energy extra strongly and at some point, of a selected moon segment.

There are many telepathy experiments, including the Ganzfeld test and Pascual-Leone’s experiment, however none are fool proof due to the numerous factors that makes telepathy works.

So, what exactly is Telepathy?

Telepathy is understanding at a distance, but largely focuses on communicating at a distance.

We can speak to others without words.

Most acknowledges telepathy as mind-to-mind communication, however it can also be from emotion-to-emotion and soul-to-soul.

There are 3 kinds of telepathy:


  1. Telepathy between you and yourself

This takes region whilst you communicate with your better Self.

While you “communicate to yourself”, you are communicating through telepathy.

If you may talk the mind to the thoughts and the thoughts to the soul, you may keep the connection for cosmic awareness.

The more you talk with yourself, the clearer your telepathy becomes.


  1. Telepathy between you and others

Have you observed how couples seem to ‘just know’ the needs and issues for every different?

Or how a mother should recognize what is wrong for his or her child even if the kid isn’t always expressing anything?

Desirable telepathic verbal exchange grows via love for each other.

This is not love by touch or affection, but the love and reputation with every other’s strengths and weaknesses on a mental level.

Physically, it could take place into mirror neurons.


  1. Telepathy between you and group of people

Have you ever seen a “mob mentality” or herd mentality?

This mental principle describes how humans are inspired through their friends.

Humans have a propensity to follow in unison what the organization is doing.

Little did they understand that that is group telepathy at its greatest.


The conditions of Telepathy

There are 3 situations which must be met so as for telepathy to occur:

  1. Be in a receptive state of mind

You need to be in alpha state consciousness or under.

A receptive state clearly occurs during the eve or night time.

You are receptive whilst you are at ease (or mentally beat in submission).

You are also receptive while you trust in a purpose or are open to other’s impact.


  1. The other person must be in a receptive state as well

If you are comfortable but the different man or woman isn’t, then they won’t pay attention to you.

The other individual’s mental troubles are protecting against your telepathic attempts.

Both needs to be at ease and be clear in thoughts.

Though it’s no longer clean to realize while someone is in a receptive state, you’ll should believe when you perform.

Telepathy could get way easy if you are using telepathy towards someone who’s close to you and is open-minded, or closer to someone you know.


  1. You and your partner should be related in some way

Being connected is as simple as just seeing the other person or as in-depth as intimately being near.

The connection in telepathy is more strong in case you recognize the individual or the individual is aware of you due to the fact acknowledgement is invitation.

Surely, higher intimate connection means higher telepathic connection.

A name or a face that is essential for the alternative person is right identification.

That is utilized in visualization during telepathic communication.

Telepathic Blockage

Every time there is emotion, there may be blockage.

The reason is that feelings shape energy surrounding your thoughts and that shields your connection to others.

It’s like being aggravating or anxious, it makes it hard for you to speak to a person.

So, if you want to use telepathy, you can’t let your feelings or emotions get in the way.

Even supposing the emotion is a strong beneficial choice or a trembling worry, it’s going to inhibit telepathic verbal exchange.

How to Use Telepathy


Make sure you and the other person both are comfy

If you have one tiny implied suspicion or resentment, you’ll block your efforts in telepathy.

If the opposite party has any emotional or mental issues, strain, or impatience, they may now not pay attention you.

So, it is best if both of you are calm, comfortable, and receptive.


Visualize your message

Think of the man or woman’s face or name.

This may take a moment or two.

Then visualize the message you need to send to him or her.

Have clarity within the message you want added.

Ensure you focus all your strength on sending.

The message doesn’t have to be a image, it may also be a phrase or a voice.

In any matters, photographs/phrases/voices/ represents a symbol of telepathic frequencies.

It’s far, then, up to the opposite party to interpret the frequencies with their brain.


Then Let go

Once you finished sending the thought, practice out-of-thoughts.

Just stop thinking about anything you simply did.

Don’t doubt yourself.

Virtually detach from your efforts and let go.

Don’t have any expectations because in addition mind will suppress your efforts.

And do anything else to take your mind off.


Best ways to know you are Telepathic?


If the person whom you want to contact is in a receptive state, they will experience or think about you.

Occasionally a person pops into your mind for no reason.

This is precisely what it looks like for the person on the receiving end.

However, you won’t know this until and unless you experience telepathy at a close range and with a bit of distance.

You’ll often discover that your message can be not on time and won’t get to the individual at the time you send it.

This could happen while you are focused on something else.

Like postal services, the message can be saved after which the message will be sent when you are relaxed and no longer considering any other thing.

Telepathy is means of communication

Communication has come up a long way.

It begins with a feel of touch. Then sounds (like animals). Then symbols and gestures (like sign language).

Many years ago, early words got here into lifestyles (calling cats as “meow”). Words have become sentences. Sentences have become language.

Language evolved into written medium like characters and pictographs. Then written words turn into pictures. And images transform into letters and phrases we know now.

So how does telepathy fit in these?

Telepathy is next level of mental communication used by those who has great focus control.

We all could be telepathic. We just forgot through centuries of relying on verbal communication.

There are many who don’t agree with in symbols or art to be of any significance.

The same can be stated for telepathic communication as well.

All we need is interest and exercise for growing it.

Telepathy should be learn by all of us to start our spiritual journey once again.

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