Lucid dreaming is the ability to know that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming.  Once you are lucid you can explore your dream and can travel anywhere. In your dream you could land up in space or could be a super human. The possibilities are endless. Just imagine being free of your body, forgot all the gravity stuff. You are free to roam fly or do […]

How to control your dream while sleeping?

Well, although technology has evolved a long way but still we are not at a point where we can watch our dreams in theaters. But the same technology has evolved to that point that now we are able to record our dreams and can simply project it on a computer screen. img src: Combined technology developed at the University of California at Berkeley, NASA and […]

How to turn our dreams into watchable movies?

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Do you think you know how to do telepathy, but really want to improve in this. The following telepathy techniques can help you improve your mind connections . All you need to do is be persistent in your work and these telepathy techniques will give you the magic only your mind can see. And if you are new to telepathy, then read these 3 simple […]

Telepathy: 5 techniques to help you improve telepathy

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If you want to learn telepathy, you don’t need any kind of superpowers. Okay? These 3 simple methods will help you to begin in telepathy… Telepathy may or may not happen with your will. Although clear transmission of telepathy can happen when we do not expect it. Also check out some of the best techniques which will help you improve telepathy. Follow the below written steps which […]

Learn telepathy in 3 simple steps

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The answer is Yes. In fact many of us have already experienced telepathy in our real lives. Like we keep on thinking about a person and all of a sudden you got a sms from that person. In some way your thought get transferred via non-physical means from one person to another. Also check out this post if you want to know how to easily […]

Is Telepathy real ?

As a beginner one can always find difficulty in astral projection. But to prepare your brain mentally for this. Read these Astral Projection tips that will help your brain get prepared for astral projection. image src: Learn from your own astral projection experience  –  What’s important here is to keep in mind that beyond and above any facts which you may read and get right […]

5 Astral Projection Tips for beginners that will help you get started

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If you are willing to learn astral projection, then follow these simple steps. If you follow these steps consistently than you’ll learn astral projection in no time. First things first, to get yourself prepared for astral projection, start practicing in the early mornings, when you are still drowsy after you wake up, this is considered to be a better approach. Create a perfect atmosphere You need […]

How to perform astral projection?

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If you have just started or is a newbie in astral projection. Then following 3 steps will help you start astral projection. Just follow along these steps to learn astral projection… If you are trying to determine out how to do astral projection without problems, the first aspect you want to understand is the way to produce the take-off. In different words, you need to […]

Astral Projection: 3 steps to perform astral projection for beginners?

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Astral projection is an out-of-body experience which one can achieve either during Lucid dreaming or through a deep meditation. The people who has experienced astral projection says that it feels like their soul or astral body has left their physical body and moves in any other world or dimension. Astral Projection has been around for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China. Psychics regularly say that the unconscious (or […]

What is astral projection? (5 Astral Projection Tips for beginners that will ...

In the beginning it might be difficult or very difficult for you to have your first lucid dream. But if you go along with me and follow these  lucid dream tips then the chances of your achieving lucid dreaming might just fulfill sooner than you expected. Also check the following link if you want to Start lucid dream easily. Following are the 5 lucid dream tips […]

5 easy lucid dream tips

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So you might be thinking are the dream orgasms real? Or How can you initiate a lucid dream sex with your dream character? Or you have any other lucid dream sex fantasy. Then continue to read on. So let’s get this straight, exploring sexual fantasy is one of the major reasons anyone want to learn lucid dreaming. Although there are dozens of guides, books, CDs for […]

Everything about your Lucid Dream Sex fantasy but you are afraid to ...