mind reading

Sometimes you are so close to a person that you often realize what they’re thinking before they say it? Or have you ever wondered if you could talk with a person through your mind? image src: vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net So when you’re convinced that YES, your telepathic abilities really works. Then you might want to check it out to look if it actually works. In case you’re […]

Best ways to test your telepathic connection

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Have you ever wished to read the minds of your friends before they’ve had the chance to speak? Want to read the minds of strangers and buddies alike? This feat is nearly impossible to accomplish. However, despite this fact, magicians were convincing spectators in their telepathic talents for centuries. Image src: gostica.com The artwork of mind reading, is called mentalism has been astonishing audiences since […]

Telepathy made easy: Mind Reading techniques