How to turn our dreams into watchable movies?

Well, although technology has evolved a long way but still we are not at a point where we can watch our dreams in theaters. But the same technology has evolved to that point that now we are able to record our dreams and can simply project it on a computer screen.


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Combined technology developed at the University of California at Berkeley, NASA and the University of Texas at Austin, is able to create a movie of a simple dream like seeing our friend, talking to them and even shaking their hand.

If you want to experience this new age of film-making, I warn you, it would neither be easy nor cheap.

But let me tell you how you can experience your dream as a movie


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For this you’ll need to sleep in an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner, wearing a brainwave headband with electrodes glued to your throat, legs, arms and wrists. Very comfortable. Right?

And also you need to train the computer software via speech pattern and words and also have to see photographs of your friends, watch trees, surroundings etc.
In short, you have to rehearse everything from walking to shaking hands with dream character.

Although it’s just a mere dream, but still watching your dream live is like a dream come true.

For mental image reconstruction, Jack Gallant, a UC Berkeley neuroscientist, uses MRI to decipher and reconstruct visual images (such as faces) in the brain and project them onto a computer screen.
According to a research, approx. 4.5% of sleep time or 20 minutes/night were accompanied by speech muscles. They are Sub vocal words and sentences that we hear in our head but don’t speak out loud.

The technology behind bodily tracking of dreams is the electromyography (EMG) sensor. It is well established that bodily actions in dreams send related nerve signals to the muscles involved in the dream behavior — though actual physical movement is generally suppressed in rapid eye movement (REM) dreams.

For the dreamers who want to skip all these hectic processes can still employ their own dream memories. You can create dream memories movies with software such as Media Molecule’s Dreams game for the PlayStation 4.

So, summing up- with great technology comes great risks. Dreams are among the most private and unpredictable products of our mind. It’s unknown whether dream movies will become an aid for self-discovery and therapists or an obstacle?


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