Watch How Animals React To Magic Tricks – Funny Magic Tricks

You know, animals also love magic as much as we humans do. I have compiled some clips from YouTube where you’ll see how animals totally fall in love with the magic tricks.

Below are some funny magic tricks done to trick the animals and there reactions is just amazing and well…all of them give made us Aww.

Here we go…


A man at the local zoo performs a magic trick for one of the baboons.


The baboon’s reaction of the disappearing and reappearing card trick is one that you are not going to want to miss out on!

Baboon totally loves the trick and you don’t wanna miss its reactions…


Baboon Totally loves The Trick…LOL



Trick On Orangutan – This Is Cute


A magician placed the card on the glass it magically appeared on the other side of the glass. The orangutan was totally amazed and grabbed hold of the card and observed it.

The funny part is that the orangutan also tried to transfer it back to him.



This One Is The Best Of All – Chimpanzee Has The Best Reactions Of Them All


Chimpanzee loves magic a lot, but this funny magic trick is amazing and the reaction of chimpanzee is super amazing.

A guy performs some great magic tricks in his I-Pad and the chimpanzee was totally loving it.


This is one of the best reactions to a magic trick, watch for yourself.




Even the Puppies loves magic


Here the magician Jose Ahonen vanishes dog treats before these little puppies’ noses and the puppies are just totally confused.


And this dog?? Well the reaction – Totally Confused…


The owner of this dog tries to trick him and that leave the dog with questions in his mind.

See here


This Orangutan Totally Falls In Love With The Magic – This is super cute


Watch the funny reaction



Last in The List…ummm What About Cats ??


Well many of the animals reacted super cute and funny to the magic tricks.

But the cats…well they are badass. I think cats don’t give a shit to it.

See what cats did after this amazing magician tried to trick them



LOL! Well cats totally looked unimpressed. Maybe cats don’t like this kind of fun.

But I hope you liked the videos, Animals are amazing.


And If you liked it please do share these funny magic tricks to others as well.


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