What is astral projection? (5 Astral Projection Tips for beginners that will help you get started) 2

Astral projection is an out-of-body experience which one can achieve either during Lucid dreaming or through a deep meditation. The people who has experienced astral projection says that it feels like their soul or astral body has left their physical body and moves in any other world or dimension. Astral Projection has been around for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China.

Psychics regularly say that the unconscious (or dreaming) thoughts includes the spirit or astral frame, ensuing in falling desires or waking up with a falling sensation or surprising jerk. most goals aren’t remembered by means of the aware thoughts, making the enjoy of astral projection a topic of subjectivity. Believers in astral projection factor out, even though, that maximum ghost sightings frequently outline the ghost as a lucid or obvious apparition taking walks the earth.

Can the soul leave the body during sleep?

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There isn’t a direct evidence which can prove whether astral travel is real or not. Those who have experienced Lucid dreaming may feel like it resembles with WILD (wake induced lucid dreams).

Read these simple steps to know How you can start lucid dreaming.

So Astral Projection real or a dream?

Many of the youngsters have tried to experience this out of the body experience via meditation. And if not astral projection then at least many of them started to experience Lucid dreams. And when I tried for this I too felt like I’ve been flying and floating and was very much aware that I am in my dream. I keep on flying and was floating in sky and the experience was almost real like an astral projection.

Is there any connection between lucid dreams and astral projection?

The experience of lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis or astral are very similar.

It all starts when you are half-asleep in bed. You are aware that you are lying in your bed, yet you feel some different sensations going on with your body. As long as your mind is awake and your body is asleep, you can transfer your awareness to your dream body. This is your lucid body.

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So lucid dreaming or astral projection. Which is safer?

So, of course there is no such parallel dimension where you can go for real. But yes, both these states can be achieved. I have experienced lucid dreams and lucid dreaming really help you control your choices and it’s the only way you’ll be able to feel safe in a dream space. Lucid dreaming has no fear of negative dreams, you can really embrace it as a part of your unconscious self and live your lucid life as per your wishes.


As a beginner, one can always find difficulty in experiencing astral projection. But to prepare your brain mentally for this. Read these Astral Projection for beginners tips that will help your brain get prepared for astral projection.

5-Astral Projection-Tips-for-beginners-that-will-help-you-get-started

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1.  Learn from your own Astral Projection experience 

What’s important here is to keep in mind that beyond and above any facts which you may read and get right of entry to through the net, a book, someone’s story, or any other source. It is essential to organise your expectations due to the fact that you have your very own reviews whatever you read, heard or discovered earlier than can’t then be in comparison on your own perceptions, reports and conclusions while you are experiencing an astral projection. Also learn How to easily perform astral projection.

So, it is important for anyone who want to experience this out of the body experience to have your own experience and results to make the most out of it.

2. Choose a good technique and apply it regularly for 15-20 minutes for a month

Astral Projection for beginners could be a little difficult. So, picking or choosing a method may be very crucial. Just because everybody is using any approach does now not imply that the technique is ideal for you as well. There’s no approach that ‘suits all’. Selecting a method depend largely upon your very own characteristics (maybe you’re greater creative, or extra rational, or you select something that makes use of respiration and rest, etc.). So, what’s your non-public profile?

5-Astral Projection-Tips-for-beginners-that-will-help-you-get-started

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Select a way that works properly with your non-public developments. Examine this method thoroughly, step by step; starting, center and quit of the technique. There are some strategies which can be very complex and mystical, which don’t assist you because they don’t provide you with the perfect guide for their application.

It might be a little difficult to practice astral projection for beginners, so test the approach first, apprehend it and memorize it. Then apply it at the least 15 instances for 1 month (perhaps pick the times wherein you have less work to do, or your ordinary allows you to pay attention higher on that technique, and so on). Apply it on distinctive days and now not 3 times in at some point. It does now not count in case you apply it in the morning, afternoon or night time, as long as you spread them over the 15 days.


3. Being mentally prepared

5-Astral Projection-Tips-for-beginners-that-will-help-you-get-started

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To have an astral projection all of your thoughts and emotions should be moving in a positive direction. You must avoid negative thoughts like fear, anger and everything which is not related to astral projection. Just be confident and self-motivated.


4. How long to continue practicing?

5-Astral Projection-Tips-for-beginners-that-will-help-you-get-started

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All the techniques of astral projection for beginners should be applied anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. You need enough time to make everything go in the right direction. You can repeat the steps as many times as necessary within the period.


5. Every experience paramount.

Just pay close attention to every sensation and whatever you see during astral projection. And as soon as you wake up write every bit of detail you experienced. Make a Diary or so and write your experiences in it. This will help your mind to remember everything.

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So just try to follow above 5 Astral Projection tips and in no time, you’ll be experiencing astral projections.

If you have your own Astral Projection experiences share with me in the comment section and let me know.



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